• how to stop time: kiss
  • how to travel in time: read
  • how to escape time: music
  • how to feel time: write
  • how to waste time: social media

  • So much mental traffic in the universe. Solitude is the only peace.

    If you are good at something

    never do it for free

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    Sherlock + Parallels   [part 2]

    My parents have Google Alerts on me. So they’ll often times send me an e-mail and be like, “Hey did you know this?” And then I’ll be like, “Well, it is, like, my life. So yes, I did know that.” Or , “that’s not even true. I don’t know where you read that.” I have Googled myself, yes. But my parents really have Google Alerts on me.

    “She tastes like every dark thought I’ve ever had.”
    — White Cat, by Holly Black (via ganseys)


    i never want to get married and have kids i want to be 40 and a highly successful director and show up to my high school reunion dressed entirely in yves saint laurent with blood red lipstick and louboutin heels that could penetrate a man’s soft flesh in the current year’s bmw convertible and wear chanel sunglasses the entire time even while indoors so i don’t have to hold eye contact with the little people


    "how are you single?"